Not taking responsibility for your actions at work causes harm.

When I’m not self-reflective enough I get to have days when I hate what I see in the mirror.

A reflection of my flaws, weaknesses, and failures.

These moments are the most challenging for me.

It’s difficult for a man to face.

I have phases in my life when I think I have my shit together.

Then I get hit with a sharp and uninvited hook.

I’m lying face flat, dazed, and confused, with my shit scattered all over the floor.

I experienced this a week ago.

Taking responsibility for your actions at work

I was spoken to about my lack of responsibility. The comparisons hit a nerve (actually, a few).

At the start, my anger was directed at those comments. Then towards him.

But then, as time went on, it slow made its way towards me.

I went away to think about what I had processed:

This is what I got out of my reflections about responsibility:

My responsibilities also exist in the smaller details of my life.