What is vulnerability to you?
A vulnerability is choosing to be open-minded and open-hearted in the face of any person or situation. A vulnerability is not weakness; it is flexibility and resiliency. Vulnerability requires self-awareness

What does vulnerability feel like to you?
The vulnerability used to feel like my stomach turning to water, my knees knocking, and my voice quavering. Now, vulnerability feels like strength because I am willing to be transparent and imperfect. This means you can see me through and through. How you interpret what you see is up to you.

Why are you practicing vulnerability?
A vulnerability is the practice of no-defense necessary. I lay down my arms. I stand before you naked. Practicing vulnerability proves that although the world looms dangerously and the body is a fragile speck in this enormous universe, I am not my body. I am Spirit. Because all bodies will decay and die, but I have learned that in my essence I am Spirit. And Spirit is Life. Vulnerability builds my faith and gives me courage.

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