Hi, I’m Joel Mwakasege. I edit be-yourself. A community of 160, 524 most amazing people you will ever be a part of in your entire life. Hands down, I have no doubts about saying it.


This is the right place to be If you’re looking to write for be-yourself. There are a handful of things I will love to introduce to you, to make your contribution to the community a success.

Stand Out

As you join, I’ll send to you a guide for the community. In it, you will read the genesis of the be-yourself community. Get answers to ten prominent questions. That will give you the first kick you need. To get on the front page of the publication.

Study Cases

I’ll send you to study cases on what type of stories works and why? In these cases, you’ll see why I recommend sharing more than instructing. And how some of the best moments I have had the luck to witness were born from people who refused to compromise their truth.


I send a letter every Tuesday. My goal with this simple letter is to present it to you by way of an email. A manageable selection of engaging, practical, and personal stories that make your day a little more pleasant.

Vulnerability Guide

I’ll send to you an introduction to vulnerability and the best way to go about it. The stories in be-yourself revolve around being you and embracing your authentic self. This guide will help.


Anytime you want out of anything. Just hit the unsubscribe button at the end of the email sent to you. I detest it when I hit unsubscribe from emails. I will get unsubscribed from a portion of their garbage. And keep receiving other garbage. Here when you unsubscribe. Every email that you were receiving. Stops. No more emails from me. Simple.

Writing Course

Are you a writer? Get a chance to buy a crash course on writing well. I have been helping writers find their authentic voices. Every day for eight years. You don’t have to make some silly mistakes we all do the first time.


I plan to start interviewing writers for be-yourself and to feature their stories in the community. To get your work and story connected with the right people. You might get the chance to be one of those people.


Emerson Dameron

To new writers, welcome. Writing for Be Yourself gave me a tremendous opportunity to connect with a wider audience and to better understand my own story. My pieces for Be Yourself are among my favorite things I’ve written, and I plan to submit some new stuff quite soon. Keep it real, love the process, and know that the stories you’re most frightened to tell will do the most good for others.

Oz Chen

I can’t wait to read your raw, personal stories. Be Yourself is such a great publication because of Joel’s simple guidance: “Don’t instruct, share.” If you have something from the heart, this is the place to share it.

Bere Blissenbach

Don’t let fear stop you from submitting your work. Joel is a very kind and supportive editor so you don’t have to fear receiving feedback in a way that might discourage you. Before submitting your articles, I would recommend that you use Grammarly to check them for grammar issues. I look forward to seeing your work in the be-yourself publication.

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