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“Others call me a mystique Marxist; I call myself a Marxist mystique.” To depict my father justly seems like an impossible task. Anyone who likes categorizing people into boxes is up for a challenge. He was strong and weak, humorous and harsh, trivial and profound, charismatic and hermetic, sensitive and callous, ideological and philosophical, enticing and grouchy, perfectionistic and complacent, always fighting for a greater cause and self-absorbed. He could also be […]
  1. Life
I will love to interview you on your path up to what you’re doing now.Is this week possible? If yes, please continue reading. Interviews like this http://buibui.org/jon-yau/ or http://buibui.org/tiffany-sun/ or http://buibui.org/max-lukominskyi/ or http://buibui.org/brandon-keith/ The interview will be published at buibui.org a sister publication to be yourself. Send to me answers to the following questions. Plus, within your reply attach a profile […]
  1. Life
The latest major release of human happened around 200,000 years ago. Most of the remaining time we were busy running away from predators, trying to find food to survive until the next day. Therefore, the graceful mother nature patched our brains with the default energy preservation mode. Our brain likes to develop repeatable patterns that will keep […]

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