If you know me well, you’d know that I love to celebrate small wins that come my way as I go about each day.

Some days, it would come in the form of an experimental recipe turning out fairly decent; Other days, it would be as simple as hauling me out of bed and situated at my desk for a Zoom meeting. Yesterday, it was an e-mail saying that a publisher approved and posted one of my articles; And today, it was finding the headspace to write this piece you’re reading.

I wasn’t always this positive.

Truthfully, I’ve only started to celebrate small wins during the quarantine. I read Sadghuru’s Inner Engineering, which taught me how to be more mindful and grateful for everything in my life. It’s been 5 months since then. Here’s how it improved my habits (and how it can do the same for you too!).

Onto the million-dollar question, why?

1. To celebrate small wins it’s good for you

Scientifically speaking, hitting small wins allow our brains to release neurotransmitter dopamine that energizes and gives us that good feeling we experience when we’ve achieved something. Which, in turn, according to Patrik Edblad, urges us to take action in moving towards what triggered its release in the first place. Seeing as how this is the same chemical that caters to our addictions; And taking into account that a series of small wins produce a constant supply of dopamine; We’re essentially being addicted to achieving more victories! Not only are we happier, but we’re more motivated too! Which brings me to my next point:

2. It cultivates confidence and motivation.

Several small wins line the path to success. A Harvard Business Review study even says that the simple task of recording our progress helps us appreciate these victories, which in turn, boosts our confidence levels. These activate our brain’s reward circuitry, which encourages us to push forward and stay aligned with our goals. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand

higher levels of confidence and motivation = higher rates of success; 

Cultivating these attributes early will provide a good foundation that sets us up for long-term success.

3. The big wins taste even sweeter

If appreciating the little things make us feel more grateful for the bigger things in life; Celebrating the small-scale victories will only encourage us to further enjoy the big victory parties when they come around. And when it’s closing time and everyone’s heading home, we’ll be ready to do it all over again come the next morning.

So, whether it’s completing a simple task like getting out of bed early to prepare coffee or the small act of receiving an approving nod from a boss, celebrate, and appreciate them as they come by. Small victories are what lead us to bigger achievements in the future; These are what’ll motivate us to tackle the next big and bold thing that comes our way.

That simple practice of getting up early and having coffee? It can transform into a productive habit that’ll allow you to get more things done at 6 AM than any of your other co-workers can by 9 AM. The small approving nod your boss gives you as you wrap up this quarter’s report? It’s what’s going to push you to work harder and smarter until the next board presentation. Start simple, start small. Here’s to the tiny victories that keep us hungry for more!