Compassion is a leap of faith. There needs to be no reason or justification for it.
If it’s based on reasons, it becomes a story to defend instead of an opening to experience.

  1. Compassion
I was a career-driven 23 years-old in 2011. My job as a television reporter was taking off. I was a news break anchor and had a show about investigative crime stories. Therefore, dating was not part of my priorities. Until one coverage changed it all, I was assigned to do a story on a local political rivalry outside the metro. Consequently, I captured the attention of a young city councilman on the process. He started texting me, asking me on a date, but I kept declining.
  1. Compassion
You’re a human being with both positive and negative traits. Imperfect with flaws and weakness. But is it not wonderful that you’re a good father, a hard worker, a faithful friend? Aren’t your traits of honesty, patience, diligence, creativity, sensuality, spirituality, and empathy something to be celebrated? Rather than wanting your storyline to be about […]
  1. Compassion
Stretch your outlook. Negative emotions. Narrow your worldview. To the point, you can’t see other possibilities right under your nose. It narrows in on what’s wrong with yourself and your life. It only sees your blemish and imperfection. It takes for granted the beauty and wonder of life. Yes, you don’t have to pretend that […]
  1. Compassion
Maybe you do tend to overreact, to be irresponsible, and to be controlling. And yes, you’re an imperfect human being. To be consumed with feelings of shame and inadequacy because of what you’ve done. Does it help? Don’t you want to focus your attention and concern where it’s most needed—on the person you’ve hurt? Are […]

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