I was not of school age.

I haven’t even learned to ride a bicycle yet.

Father said when I reach age 8.

He will teach me how to ride one.

It was during this time I received a beating.

Father loved to use a belt.

He reasoned using sticks leaves a lot of unnecessary marks on the body.

This was not the first time I received a beating, but that day it was different.

After I was in my room, 

I had already stopped crying.

Later I heard my name called out.

I Was Wrong, I am Sorry

I headed out and found my father sitting on a sofa.

He had just realized the whipping I received.

It was for a mistake I didn’t commit.

He brought me close to his embrace, saying son, “I’m sorry.”

As he was saying, my tears started to flow on their own.

This was not the first time he punishing me unjustly.

But it was the first time I heard him say sorry for it.

On his embrace tears kept flowing.

I was sad and grieving.

Why Are You Crying?

But then he shouted, “why are you crying?”

“If you don’t stop.”

“I will beat you up for it.”

Startled and confused, I slowly removed myself from his arms.

I wiped my tears.

I walked away.

To this day, I always wonder.

Why didn’t you let me cry?

I’m trying to put together some of the things, that has taken me a while. To have the courage to say out loud. I dare not say I am a good storyteller but please be patient with me.