Not only don’t fall in love with a dreamer but also don’t fall in love period.

Unless you have found your passion and made it your profession.

Something happens when you start doing what you love, it’s like self-realization.

You understand your limits and your strength and so much more.

Let’s look at someone following his passion

What do you see?

I see someone with focus, determination, persistence and that purpose to do.

It’s important for you.

To experience firsthand what hard work, dedication, and perseverance feel like. Before starting to associate yourself with someone else.

When you’re with a partner

And turmoil and challenges come your way.

It won’t be a new experience at all.

For you already know what it takes to keep what you love around.

There is no other place I find my true self completely than when I’m doing something I love.

When it comes to doing the things I love

There is this comfort.

I feel every time I complete a task.

No matter how big or small the task.

It doesn’t feel like hard work at all.

A key to your relationship success, don’t fall in love with a dreamer

It’s not only based on finding the right person.

But also becoming the right partner.

Search and do what inspires you.

It might be the only thing that stands between you and your real perfect one.

Note – Featured image from stories on freepik