1. Emotional
My father and I hurt one another. Deeply. He was an angry disciplinarian. I was a horribly rebellious child. You can imagine the rest. Fortunately, we found mutual forgiveness several decades before he died — for ourselves and for each other. “Doa ess nuscht tweschen ons — there is nothing bad between us,” we said to one another in our native Low German at every farewell.
  1. Emotional
Dissatisfaction Attention is the remedy for dissatisfaction. When preoccupied with disturbing thoughts. Abundant wealth, good health, a loving family, and friends, can seem unrewarding and empty. Emotions Emotions are opportunities for insight, at any level. An opportunity to take a second look, to frame your understanding in a new way. Empathy As you shift perspectives, […]
  1. Emotional
There are several approaches to work with disturbing emotions. One is to abandon these emotions; another is to explore them. To close yourself off to your feelings obstructs a healthy openness in mind and heart. It denies you the potential insights that emotion might offer. Don't you want to use disturbing emotions as a beacon?

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Learn to bear with what’s going on inside. That means learning to observe and tolerate the heartbreaking and gut-wrenching sensations that register misery and humiliation. Only then can you start to befriend rather than obliterate, the emotions that keep you in fixed and immutable maladaptive behaviors. Erasing awareness and cultivating denial are often essential to […]


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