Be awake and present for your life now.

In spite of your trauma history, your memories, your fears, and your sadness and grief.

Only your experience can tell you about what is working for you, what your values are, and what feels meaningful and vital for you.

Your mind can not.

Your mind and your experience are two different things.

For example, your mind may say that keeping yourself closed off from others is good, but your experience of loneliness may say otherwise.

Yes, it’s a given to meet areas in need of work in your life.

And yes, judging may be natural and habitual for you at this point, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay ­attention to them or blame yourself for them or stop being awake because of them.

Don’t you want to find freedom in choosing new and vital life directions?

To be able to walk the talk in terms of what you would like your life to be about.

I do.