How does a woman feel when rejected sexually? Most feel entitled to sex. And this sucks.

Because everyone has the right to say no.

Men are not sex machines.

It’s one thing to jack off and cum with next to no effort but it’s another to fuck a woman and perform all the acrobatics for 37 minutes.

Women don’t have to do much and still be considered a decent fuck. That’s not really fair, is it?

There are many different forms of rejection in bed that come to my mind both from personal experiences and those of my friends.

How does a woman feel when rejected sexually? Most feel entitled to sex. Below are six beliefs and justifications as to why a woman would feel so.

I shaved and waxed

Yeah. Everywhere. I even left a little V for Vlad down there for you. And my big toe is now hairless, too.

If we don’t do it tonight, what was all this work for? It won’t be the same tomorrow when the hairs slowly but surely make their way out of their follicles.

Fine. I might be exaggerating here but still. I like to have things under control. I’ve decided that I want to have sex so I must have it. Now.

I’m horny, therefore I must have sex

Who knows when or if I’m ever going to be horny again? This could be the last time.

I was horny earlier today and I’m not anymore but I must have sex anyway. What if I miss out on great sex?

Which brings me to the next point…

I need more sex data

This is what I live for romantically and sexually. I need more memories and ideas for my imagination when I waka-waka.

So don’t you dare reject me.

But then, what if the sex is shit by forcing you? Okay, seduce me then.

I initiated sex

I don’t always initiate sex. It’s a big deal when I do so this can’t go unnoticed.

I’m putting myself out there.

I did have to think about this for a minute and gather some balls to go for it. You saying no is a direct stab to my chest. Pfff

Special date night

It’s a Saturday night. You dress up, he books a table at Old Spaghetti Factory & you go get some great food. You joke and flirt the whole time. You sip your Chardonnay while thinking about all the positions you’re gonna do it in tonight. Your puss-puss is tingling.

You get back to his house without making out. Huh..’ — you think to yourself.

You brush your teeth in silence and go to bed. He then switches the lights off and heads to bed straight away. “Hey, wanna bang?” — you ask him with a smirk on your face that he can’t see in the dark. “I’m too full & tired, babe. We’ll bang in the morning, K’?” — he replies with a sleepy voice. What the heck?! All that build-up & anticipation for nothing?

I haven’t played with myself for ages!

I held off in anticipation of a session with you.

I knew I was gonna finally see you tonight and thought “wouldn’t it be nice to have a couple of crazy, explosive orgasms while going at it with ya”.

Please, don’t ruin this!

How does a woman feel when rejected sexually is different from how men feel when rejected

I can’t help but wonder how thick a male’s skin is.

How many sexual rejections have they managed to brush off and carry on?

I guess it’s got something to do with simple math. If they approach an x number of women, chances are someone will say yes. The more women they approach, the higher the chances of scoring or getting laid.

Hurting after being rejected sexually it’s silly

Whereas a woman might carefully select a single male or two that she’ll approach or perhaps seduce and therefore put all her eggs in one basket.

More often than not, she’ll wait to be approached, seduced, and fucked to her liking.

This has been the trend for as long as history goes. But it’s silly in my opinion and I don’t enjoy sulking or feeling hurt for no rational reason. What do you all think???