I have an upcoming magazine on healing.

I wrote it in accumulative sessions.

It combines transcripts from interviews and personal stories.

At the start, it was 19,293 words, edited to 18,742 words.

The Cause for Requesting Help

The magazine additionally needed design and marketing.

I was to do them both.

Yet, I had other commitments done synchronously with the magazine tasks.

I was getting in way over my head, almost all of these tasks were complex.

Requesting for Help

I sent an email with a help request to 27,191 subscribers.

I was specific on what kind of help I need, where they can go to help, and how they get there to help.

I reiterated the action I needed from them several times in the email I sent, together with my thanks to the helpers.

You can click here to head over to where you can read the full email I sent.

Receiving Help

I created a google document with the written stories for the magazine.

They came to the google document to help me edit it’s writing.

I remained active for two or three hours after I sent the email.

To reply to emails with questions from the helpers who were coming to help.


A problem arose those who were editing the draft almost always started from the beginning.

The edits stopped somewhere before reaching other parts of the draft.

To counter this problem, I added a heading at the beginning of the document with a link someone could click to go to the part which needed edits the most.

I readjusted the font size of the document as well. To make it easier to read for all age groups.

How I Behaved as I Received Help

Help kept pouring in.

I was willing to receive all the help that came.

I did not protest when I didn’t understand some of the recommendations.

I asked for clarification instead.

Dealing with Internet Trolls

I’m glad google document it has a feature to review edits.

One or two uninvited people came to make a mess of the draft.

I reviewed and rejected their suggestions.

One even deleted entire sections, weird spacing, and adding gibberish characters.

The magazine is ready for purchase. There is a bonus for those who purchase at the first seven days of the release. Click here to learn more.