Emotional trauma impedes the capacity to decern what is going on inside the body. This causes you to be out of touch with your needs.

Trouble to take care of yourself, whether it involves eating the right amount at the right time, getting enough sleep, or lack of a nuanced response to frustration, not discerning what is going on inside your body is the root cause.

How to heal emotional trauma stored in the body starts when you become familiar with and befriend the sensations in your body.

How to Heal Emotional Trauma

To heal, you need to become aware of your sensations and the way that your body interacts with the world around you.

Medications have a part to play in your healing, especially if you’re taking them while you’re learning the necessary skills to deal with such distressing physical reactions.

If not medications will only blunt sensations and do nothing to resolve them or transform them from toxic agents into allies.