There are times when I still hesitate a little when responding to the question, “What do you do?”

For years, I defined my identity based on my corporate titles. “I’m a Director, Vice President or C-level executive,” I would answer.

But that all changed when I took a leap of faith to exit my corporate career path and launch out on my own as an Intuitive Medium.

The decision to leave the corporate world was one that, in hindsight, was years in the making.

But one dark and stormy night, as I sat in my office at my corporate headquarters building, I came face-to-face with that decision, and as the events unfolded, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the time had come to make a big, bold change.

In the year leading up to this revelatory event, I traveled between home and corporate headquarters weekly.

Flying in on Mondays and home on Fridays. 

My company had been sold, and my responsibilities had increased three-fold.

I ran the entire Strategic Sourcing organization while simultaneously building the team, process, and tools from the ground up.

All the while, doing the best I could to ensure that existing clients were continuing to receive the services that they paid for and that the organization was getting the benefits of strategic cost savings.

To say that I was juggling flaming chainsaws would be an understatement.

As I sat in my office on that particular evening, I was Googling “Urgent Care.”

The reason, though I knew that I needed to seek medical care, was not just to find out where the nearest center was located but also to see how late they were open so that I could justify staying in the office until the last possible moment.

I was on such a hamster wheel at that time in my life, that it didn’t occur to me to leave the work-in-process and go take care of myself.

Walking into Urgent Care, ten minutes before they closed, the team took one look at me, and based on their reaction, I realized how sick I really was.

“We are going to try a treatment for your lungs,” the doctor told me, “but if this doesn’t work, we will be transferring you to the nearest Emergency Room.”

Even if I wasn’t willing to listen to my intuition, which had been nudging me that the current trajectory was making me sick, my body sent me a loud and clear message.

As luck would have it, my lungs stabilized with the treatment, and I was released back to my hotel, with an inhaler and prescription in hand.

What I could no longer avoid, though, was the fact that the ladder I had been climbing for so many years was leaning against the wrong wall.

I knew that if something didn’t change, I would likely find myself even worse off physically in the future.

At the time, I wouldn’t have called myself an Intuitive Medium, but I was deeply connected to my intuition.

I found it interesting that even with the access to my inner-knowing, I had been disregarding the guidance for the purpose of holding myself tightly to this specific career progression plan.

Looking back at the experience, I saw many examples of how my inner-knowing was working to direct me towards a different path.

I wasn’t ready to listen until I was forced to confront my motivation for staying the course. What I found was surprising.

Two years before this eye-opening realization, I went through a significant health crisis with my son.

The experience gave me a chance to pause and assess many things in my life, including relationships, health, and career paths.

I recognized that the work I was doing was not fulfilling and certainly not joy-filled, but at that time, I couldn’t see a way out.

And, in many ways, I didn’t want to see a way out.

My belief system, at the time, tied my work to my worthiness, and I was hell-bent on proving my value.

Success was my only option, failure was not. In my mind, leaving my job equated to failure.

As I climbed into bed, that night after my trip to Urgent Care, I knew that it was time to make a significant change.

I finally recognized that it was time to allow my intuition to guide my next steps and trust that a net would appear.

Even if I couldn’t see the path forward at that moment.

The next day I turned in my resignation. 

When one takes a step onto the inspired path, life has a way of shifting into overdrive.

In the weeks and months after I resigned, opportunities unfolded at break-neck speed.

Within just a few months, I had launched a coaching business, co-authored a book, moved from the US east coast to the west, and started to fully embrace my Intuitive and Mediumship abilities.

As the coaching practice grew, the clients who sought me out were more interested in psychic guidance and connecting with their non-physical loved ones than business or life coaching.

I practiced listening deeply to my own intuitive guidance as I allowed this new pathway to open.

The more I released my expectations of how I thought my life should look, the more life surprised and delighted me with new adventures and ways to help my clients find peace and gain a deeper understanding of beliefs that block their most authentic lives.

Daily, I had to recommit to myself, my path, and trusting that the net would continue to appear as I took leaps of faith and showed up as my truest authentic self. Even if that meant talking to dead people.