Sometimes our faith is not our choice if we are born into a family, that is already following a certain religious path.

Sometimes our family couldn’t care less about whatever we believe in.

However, this was not the case with me and my mother.

I was born into an atheistic middle-class family in the Czech Republic, which is one of the most atheistic countries in the world.

Only about 10–15% of people here identify as Christians or followers of any other religion.

I could talk about the effects of communist on our country and how that had a huge impact on the religion in the Czech Republic.

But I’m here for a completely different reason.

Earlier back in 2017, I had no idea what was to come my way as I always used to identify as a non-believer or a spiritual person on some level.

I used to believe in the power of manifestation which later leads me to question my beliefs.

Being surrounded by non-believers or atheists my whole life I never really thought of God or Jesus Christ.

How I Experienced God

All that came to my mind when I heard someone mention it was how many presents I might get for Christmas or what Easter decorations

I might put up once the springtime hits.

Nothing else.

Now looking back, it makes me feel a bit ashamed and also really grateful that I got to experience God later on even though I was blinded for so long.

The story of how I became a Christian is complicated and I would be here for hours if I was to tell you all the details.

However, these are the few main reasons that lead me back to Jesus.

Moving to England for a year and living with a Sikh family (yes, Sikh! Not Christian)

I used to be really depressed as a teenager.

And used to find my happiness in drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

A Christian Boyfriend

I never knew what real happiness was, so I simply became more curious once I moved to England.

I started dating my boyfriend back in 2017, and he happens to be a Christian protestant.

He never forced me to convert to Christianity though, more so, he gave me advice and let me be me, which I’m forever grateful for.

It’s important that you find your own way if it’s forced, it’s not yours

Whilst living with the Sikh family in England.

I saw them pray on a daily basis and I had several engaging conversations about God with the grandparents of the family.

Who moved to England from Kenya and India.

Really inspiring people, I still keep in contact with them

Now let’s get back to my point.

After spending a few months in England in 2017.

Few Hours Before Christmas Eve

I came back home for Christmas.

And at that time I was already doing my Bible reading.

Hence I prayed and also wanted to attend Church masses.

It was the 24th of December 4.30 pm when I walked out of my room.

Convinced that I was going to go to the church mass at 5.30 pm just before Christmas Eve.

I went straight into the kitchen to tell my mum that I was going to leave and I would be back in an hour and a half.

I sat down on the stairs leading to the kitchen as I would always do if I wanted to speak to my mum whilst she was cooking.

The house smelled like cinnamon mixed with mistletoe and I could hear the gingerbread candles burning in the living room.

As soon as my mum sensed my presence, she turned around, smiling slightly and asking me where I was heading.

I decided to tell her back then, I thought to myself “What have I got to lose?”.

You Must Never Tell

Well little did I know my mum would immediately drop the wooden spoon which she was stirring the chicken soup with and start arguing with me.

“So, you’re calling yourself a what now?”… “A Christian?”.

“Are you still my daughter?”… “I do not remember you like this.”

“You must never tell your father about this!”.

Tereza C. She is an English literature student. A poet & follower of Jesus.