I’m sorry I’m not always the sun.

Don’t love me when I’m only the sun.

Love me when I burn you.

Love me when my rays are too much for you to see.

Love me when I can’t see my own worth.

I need you to love me.

When I’m the cloud when I’m the storm.

When I’m flooding my mind with worries and doubts.

I need you to take hold of me.

To wrap your arms around me.

To bring me back to this moment of you and me.

To calm me.

I need you to love me more than just alike in a photo.

I need you more than just a ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ text.

I need to know that you are there at 3 am.

When the world is quiet and my mind is awake.

That you take my secrets and hold them locked in your soul.

I need to know my words are safe in your hands.

That you hold my heart as one of the seven wonders of the world.

The finest treasure to ever have been discovered.

I need to know that you aren’t temporary,

I know you can’t promise that,

But, in this world of instant gratification,

I need to know you believe in working at us

I need to believe that you aren’t a ghost

I need you to be my lighthouse when I’m lost at sea.

Don’t leave me shipwrecked.

But if you must leave, leave me wearing a life vest, leave me onshore.

Leave me with honesty, leave me with my sanity.

I need you to understand me because I don’t understand.

I need you to accept me.

I need you to love all parts of me because no, I’m not always the sun.

And sometimes you’ll need to radiate for me.

I’m sorry I’m not always the sun,

But I can promise when you are the cloud.

I will always shine for you.

I promise I’m worth the storm.