Magazine Issue 8: Exploring Healing

In my father’s village, there is a tale of a farmer with a tiger.

A farmer was on his way to the farm early in the morning when he met a tiger. He was walking on top of a hill. The tiger was downhill. They both spotted each other at the same time.

The farmer will clobber the tiger every time it jumped to come uphill with a stick the farmer located nearby.

The severe beating to the tiger came at the risk of the man’s life with every near miss. The tiger left after failing too many times to snatch the farmer from that hill.

The severe wounds caused the tiger’s death a few days later. The farmer had survived the ordeal.

This story not only servers as a cautionary tale but also as a narrative about tenacity and hope.  

Stories offer lessons.

I shared a 7-page preview of the magazine the other week with a heartfelt story from a person living with depression. It prompted this reply from a friend.

I loved the article on depression. My ex-husband now deceased suffered from chronic depression for most of our 18-year marriage. He was under a doctor’s care but I never knew what the symptoms were. He was always sleeping, always. It became frustrating because we could never go anywhere or do anything. He would come out of it and bathe and groom himself but as I think about it now it was hard for him.

My daughter, who is not a very loving or patient person said, “Charles always looks like he just got out of bed no matter when I see him.” I did not know at the time that this was a symptom of his depression and mental health. I was not very patient of loving either I guess and agreed with her. 

Anyway, keep on with the magazine. It looks great.

The reason I keep releasing these magazine issues it’s rooted in the hope that it will help us improve our options. I believe the stories within will make us do better.

In the words of Maya Angelou — Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.’

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