Magazine Issue Nine

In our nine issue we speak with Annie Wood a former host and co-producer of the nationally syndicated dating game show BZZZ and A Saudi Arabia born and engineer and creative Abdulelah Al-Tamimi.

Table of Content

Story / A body-shaming parent and the child’s pursuit for recovery

Interview / Annie Wood a Hollywood native, daughter of a wildly unique Israeli mother and dry humored American playwright father. An author, filmmaker, actress and internationally exhibited artist

Story / A confession on leaving with body image issues

Story / A personal guide on finding yourself 

InterviewAbdulelah Al-Tamimi a Saudi born engineer and creative. He hopes to build a career as a writer and one day sail the world.

Story / A personal dilemma on age and marriage

Story / Writing, anxiety, and fighting to show up to create

Story / An emotional explanation on ADHD diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment

The Purpose of the Magazine

We avoid healing so much in our society. Because most cultures in our world are built around doing. And healing often doesn’t look like doing. 

It looks like being present;

  • through the pain and the breakthroughs,
  • through the growth of oneself,
  • past our blocks and all belief systems,
  • around how we thought we should be,
  • how we thought the world should be,
  • how we thought other people should be,
  • how we thought they should have treated us,
  • or the love that we thought we should have received.

Everybody’s healing is going to be unique.

One person’s way of healing is not another person’s way. You can’t always use another’s method. You will have to develop your way.

Here is a magazine that houses topics on healing to help you broaden your healing options.

Written by the community for the community.

To Heal is More than What You Think

It’s difficult.

The work can take a lot of energy.

If you could have solved these problems easily, I’m sure you would have done it already. And to make matters even trickier, problems with feelings often include a layer of guilt or shame.

Unlike most other medical problems, when it comes to the mental health healing process, people are often worried that they will be judged for their struggle. In fact, they often judge themselves first.

The problem with assigning blame to self or others, engaging in reason-giving, and giving up hope is that there isn’t much room for progress.

So, if you realize there are problems as you do this work, that’s a good thing. Be open to whatever is there to see.

If some things are working well, that’s great to know. 

If some things are not working well, then it gives you a place to start.

Don’t you want options for action that might not have been there before?

I do.


I loved the article on depression. My ex-husband now deceased suffered from chronic depression for most of our 18-year marriage. He was under a doctor’s care but I never knew what the symptoms were. He was always sleeping, always. It became frustrating because we could never go anywhere or do anything. He would come out of it and bathe and groom himself but as I think about it now it was hard for him.

My daughter, who is not a very loving or patient person said, “Charles always looks like he just got out of bed no matter when I see him.” I did not know at the time that this was a symptom of his depression and mental health. I was not very patient of loving either I guess and agreed with her. 

Anyway, keep on with the magazine. It looks great.

— Jo Ann Harris

Frequent Asked Questions

Who is this magazine suited for?

  • Beginners who know little to nothing at all about healing.
  • People with an idea but don’t know where to start. If you’ve already done considerable work on how to heal, you might not find this magazine useful.
  • People who want a digestible personal overview of the healing process.
  • People with personal motivation to heal because this stuff ain’t easy.
  • People who are ready to dedicate their time to make their ideal life. You’ve got to be ready to follow through.

Is this magazine issue applicable to my life situation?

This magazine issue is meant to set a healing foundation. How you make it fit your situation. It will have to depend on you.

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