Magazine Issue One: Expand Your Healing Options by Learning with Examples.

The personal stories shared by you, in these eight years in the community, have a combined view of 9.3 million.

Giving the courage to speak up to the horror-stricken.

Extending options to survivors. Benefiting the outcast. Shelter to the hushed, ignored, and oppressed.

Not a perfect community but a home.

For a long time, I wanted to create a home as a magazine to house topics that often get lost in a myriad of conversations out there.

Written by the community for the community.

To continue to broaden our healing options.

To Heal is More than What You Think

It’s difficult.

The work can take a lot of energy.

If you could have solved these problems easily, I’m sure you would have done it already. And to make matters even trickier, problems with feelings often include a layer of guilt or shame.

Unlike most other medical problems, when it comes to mental health, people are often worried that they will be judged for their struggle. In fact, they often judge themselves first.

The problem with assigning blame to self or others, engaging in reason-giving, and giving up hope is that there isn’t much room for progress. So, if you realize there are problems as you do this work, that’s a good thing. Be open to whatever is there to see.

If some things are working well, that’s great to know. If some things are not working well, then it gives you a place to start. Don’t you want options for action that might not have been there before? I do.

Three Ridiculously Easy Reads to Enhance the Power of Your Life

Because the aim is to present to you with the right options.

I have added three eBooks with 10 short lessons each exploring the usual suspects – compassion, trauma, and mindfulness.

Lessons that sit very well together to tackle different aspects of the issues at hand.

You may not agree with all of them, but I hope they make you think.

  • What I like most about these lessons is that they really put the process of healing into another perspective. None of your lessons is cliché. They’re raw, honest, and open. I find it very easy to connect with them and also reflect on them.
    – Rosalva Mejia
  • What I like most about these lessons is how they provide practical and relatable lessons on healing. I like how they prob internal conversations with ultimately nudged me into an intentional state of healing.
    – Balbwa Nkete
  • I’m dyslexic (more accurately, I approach reading/learning very differently than most) so even short pieces are daunting. I pick and choose what I read carefully.  This looks really good though so, looking forward to diving in.
    – Therese A. Hartmann,

What’s Included?

80 pages magazine on healing. Included stories range from a person being shot, killed, and resurrected, to an account on chronic pain which moved Cassandra to the extreme edges borderline death by suicide, and a person who lives with a brain tumor, and more.

Through the stories in the magazine and accompanying short eBooks, you’ll learn how to:

  • negotiate with the fear of being rejected and the need for approval
  • change course as you set out to find yourself
  • make choices that are inline with whom you want to be
  • engage in actions that are based on your values rather than fleeting emotions or thoughts
  • not get so stuck in what is right or wrong that you lose sight of what actually works for you.

Table of Contents

  • Interview with Josh Mantz.
    Josh has an incredible story. He was shot and killed in combat, then resurrected.
  • Interview: Cassandra Smolcic.   
    She worked at Pixar from 2009 to 2014. She lived with chronic pain for 8 years. She fluctuated between thinking of filing for disability or killing herself.
  • Interview: Josh Perry.
    Josh lives with 4 brain tumors. Here is his story.
  • Hitting Rock Bottom with Depression.
    I recently fell into a pit of depression as life began to feel like too much. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t sure who I was. I didn’t know what I wanted.
  • My Life as a  High-Functioning Alcoholic
    I’ve had a problematic relationship with alcohol for all of my adult life. My dad was an alcoholic. Both my grandfathers were.
  • How I Found Stability in My Life After Years of Suffering.
    I struggled with my mental health for years but didn’t think I had a problem. I was riding an emotional rollercoaster for so long, I accepted these high and low states as part of who I was.
  • Paramedic Breaks the Silence on Mental Health, Substance Abuse & Suicide.
    I’m tired of standing by and watching my brothers and sisters die by their own hands. I’m tired of saying there’s no shame in asking for help while I myself silently sit back afraid of outing myself. For fear of what? Fear of judgment?
  • Thoughts on OCD, as I Look Back On 20 Years Living With OCD. 
    I just knew that I was extremely anxious and that I was going to great lengths to make sure that all my homework assignments were submitted and received by my teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

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