Magazine Issue Two: Exploring Culture, Heritage, and Customs of Cities

I miss hearing unique experiences from cities of the world.

Not of lavish spending, luxury, and hotels but stories that details the culture, customs, and people of these cities.

This digital release of the magazine will explore Cusco, Peru. Walter lived in Cusco, Peru for 10 years. He will unstintingly share with us his experience of the city.

Table of contents

  • A colorfull mountain attire.
    A quick tip on how to generous to the people in the service industry in Cusco
  • Markets.
    The availability of different fruits and vegetables in Cusco can be seein it’s markets.
  • Santa Clara Arch.
    A archway leading to a place where you can buy almost anything.
  • Tour Corridors.
    If you come to Cusco with no prepared route this is a place to go.
  • Sacsayhuaman, or Sacsaywaman
    A place of magnificent Incan stonework that overlooks the city.
  • Plaza Vendors.
    A place where you can find food and handmade trinkets.
  • The Patio in the Hostal Amaru Inca.
    A resonable priced hotel with great food reccomended for a group of friends and family.
  • Rooms at the Amaru Inca
    It gets cold at night in the mountains, it’s helps to know your rooms before.
  • Streets views.
    At day time, night time, and some peaceful streets you can get tranquility and serendipity.
  • Shopping.
    Places where you can buy things and what experience to expect.
And much more there are 70 pages of exploration awating you.

What’s Included?

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