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Just Create

As I create I’ve learned what I have learned. By trial and error. By walking into walls. I wish I would have a guide. To lead me when I started. To flag shortcuts and hazards of the trail. This audio narration is that guide.

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What you get?


You will learn how to

Navigate perfectionism and turn it into an ally rather than an enemy, deal with the wrong kind of criticism, say not to self-sabotage yourself and kill your creativity, stumble your way through creativity and make progress, stop worrying, and start living your creative self.


Some of the topics

How to discover your winning difference as a creative, The secret to your creative life? Understand your unique star, Is perfectionism killing your creativity? And how you can revive it, The over-looked detail that can turn your creativity around


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The readership fund approach allows us to take a candid, objective view of the world.


We give back

To practice to leave the world a better place than we found it. 10% of your purchase gets donated.


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We replace inflated success stories with unpolished human stories.

— Pragalbha Doshi 

I could now take the time to read your work. The feeling I am left with is how skilled you are at stating perspectives precisely and concisely. I learn that a lot from your writings. It is like you core the apple perfectly well and then hand the core to us, so we look at all the parts, seeds and all.