Whether you are enjoying your day or celebrating an event in this beautiful day, still, life is full of experiences and lessons to offer.

Here are 25 ideas you can start going on for yourself from looking at my life lessons.

1. I’ve learned
To love the time and circumstance that I was brought to this world in, for God must have equipped me with gifts and talents suitable and complementary to this time and circumstance.

2. I’ve learned
Not to wait for things to happen to make me happy, or to make my status change. Things may never come, things at the end, hold no value.

3. I’ve learned
To appreciate the people in my life for the things they give me and offer me and not what I expect or want from them. It makes me more grateful for them and enjoys them more. Enjoy the way people express and show their love to you.

4. I’ve learned
That first impressions and appearances are often guided with labels and stereotypes. I’ve learned that you should believe in people, give them the benefit of the doubt and give them a true chance to show and reveal their true identities and capabilities.

5. I’ve learned
Never to judge anyone in any situation, and just pray God that if I ever come to where they are I would be guided and able to make a better choice.

6. I’ve learned
That a smile, a sincere listening ear, a nod, a hug, a pat on the back, a helping hand and a kind word are not just gestures, but they could, in fact, affect someone, reach their hearts and make an impression on them that could last forever.

7. I’ve learned
That failing is sometimes more valuable than success, the things I learned from my failures and down phases not only enabled my success but also give me capacity and potential to do things I never thought I could do.

8. I’ve learned
That observing a child can teach you so many of the human instincts and nature. You can learn about, perseverance, persistence, manipulation, innocence, shame, defensiveness, fear, jealousy, care, love and humor.

9. I’ve learned
That seeing beyond imperfections makes you blessed with enjoying things people may be appalled by. Like finding a diamond in the mud, all you need is to see the sparkling in the dirt and you have won a true jewel.

10. I’ve learned
That the greatest true blessing in this world is to know God. A knowledge that brings serenity, faith, strength, satisfaction and hopes to every second in your life.

11. I’ve learned
That tolerance is a golden virtue, in accepting others and understanding them you discover new things about yourself and the world around you and you see things in new ways that only broaden your horizons and make you more flexible and accepting.

12. I’ve learned
That tolerance does not mean to lose one’s identity, but rather know where to stretch and expand to accept and understand others as needed within your own limits and boundaries.

13. I’ve learned
That happiness is something you create, through your thoughts, emotions, actions, perceptions, beliefs, it is not a destination, or reward but rather a state of your own creation.

14. I’ve learned
That every trait one has contributed to virtue and flaw so make sure to appreciate the package. Not to say one should not change, but rather appreciate, embrace and balance your traits and tune them to your advantage.

15. I’ve learned
That true love only exists when the heart, the mind, and soul will all be in sync. None of them will be able to talk the other out of it, and together they will help you form a complementary perfect balance of harmony that is undeniable love.

16. I’ve learned
That it requires an effort to be a good person, people are not just born this way, it requires discipline, making the right choices, fighting temptations, sustenance and control to be a good person.

17. I’ve learned
That going into an argument with only your emotions will not take you anywhere, and will probably lose you all ground.

18. I’ve learned
That you cannot win a fight for something you only “think” but have never worked for or practiced.

19. I’ve learned
Obstacles are there to give the ride some fun, thrill and an edge.

20. I’ve learned
That no matter how hard or long the day is there are things to be grateful and thankful for.

21. I’ve learned
That understanding your own capacity and endurance is key to helping you be the best you could be.

22. I’ve learned
That no matter how much you love, respect or think highly of someone, you should always reflect on what they say and do and accept that you will not always agree with all they say and do, and that does not necessarily make them value any less to you.

23. I’ve learned
What you may be searching for eagerly could be in the most unexpected and predictable places, we just fail to see what is right in front of us.

24. I’ve learned
That we tend to see what we want to see and ignore to see what we don’t want to see. (replace see with hear and feel) .

25. I’ve learned
That If I do not apply what I know. I don’t really know it … it has not sunk yet to my active consciousness.

Bonus Lessons

Bonus #1. I’ve learned
To share the things I’ve learned, for maybe they have something to help or inspire someone, and to share knowledge is to be thankful for it, acknowledge it and keep it for others.

Bonus #2. I’ve learned
That there is always more to learn more to discover and one should always seek to learn and be willing to unlearn as well.