Will you love me when my colors fade?

When my skin wrinkles like an autumn leaf in the rain?

When my body is frail and weak?

Will you love me after our autumn has passed?

Will you love me when the winter blues whistle in?

Will you love me in April, standing in the rain showers?

Will, you keep falling, falling in love with me as the leaves fall every October?

Promise me you’ll always look at me with autumn eyes, promise me that fallen leaves never died,
that they are forever dancing in the wind.

Promise me no matter how old or gray we will weather each season together, promise me I’m your autumn leaf

I keep falling for you.

I hope you keep falling for me.

Please remember those luscious hues the passionate reds, the glowing yellows,
look into my eyes — picture me as a sunflower radiating tall.

But remember this mostly, when my petals have fallen, when the branches are bare when there is no trace of fall beauty left when it’s hard to love me,

Promise me you’ll always look at me with autumn eyes.