I have an entry-level design background.

This experience comes with its advantages.

But at times.

The experience causes me to overestimate my abilities. To counter this flaw, I used Pages, a Mac word processor to design this magazine. It limits my options.

But it has a bit of everything to make it a useful tool for this purpose.

Getting Inspiration

I visited canva.

I spent hours looking at their designs. I concentrated on magazine templates.

But I also went to the creative market.

To look not only for inspiration but also if possible, to buy a magazine template that can fulfill my requirements.

A challenge I kept facing not one design, had all the things I was looking for, all the templates I loved they had bits and pieces.

Internal Conflict as I Was Choosing a Design Style

Most designs I located used lots of images.

I was looking for a design that will fit long essays, this fueled my internal friction.

I then decided to design the magazine by picking favorites designs I found.

The result was far from my aim.

To offset this I borrowed some elements of the design used by this publication theme.

Deciding Between Designing for Print or Digital

I researched how to design for print or digital.

Plus I tried to also verify print on demand as I considered it one of the possibilities I could pick.

What I found unnerved me so much so that I’ll prefer to release only digital release as a PDF.

I will however make the PDF print-ready.

Ready to be printed at any size without loss of quality for both images and texts.

The magazine is ready for purchase. There is a bonus for those who purchase at the first seven days of the release. Click here to learn more.