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I noticed the symptom very odd symptom. The muscles on the half part of my face reshuffle and never relax. And I still experienced that to this day. I went for MRI scans, multiple of them, and all sorts of other kinds of odd fine motor experiments done by neurologists. And then finally, after a week of testing, I saw an oncologist, who had all the data in all of the scans and all the other kind of write up reports from me balancing on one leg and closing one eye and so forth. He kind of looked at me within five minutes of meeting me. And said quite bluntly, he didn't seem sad to that it was unlikely that I was going to survive. This kind of brain tumor.
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I hit rock bottom there. There was nothing left of my life other than work in pain. My entire existence was all about pushing through the pain trying to numb the pain, just to manage. Dealing with the pain dealing with insomnia. And it got so bad that I just started getting all kinds of random sicknesses and vertigo and different viruses and things. And I was barely making it work. So I was thinking about filing for disability or killing myself.
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  2. Vulnerability
What is vulnerability to you? A vulnerability is choosing to be open-minded and open-hearted in the face of any person or situation. A vulnerability is not weakness; it is flexibility and resiliency. Vulnerability requires self-awareness What vulnerability feels like to you? Vulnerability used to feel like my stomach turning to water, my knees knocking, and […]
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For the next 9 ½ years, I traveled back and forth to and from China with my ex. I didn’t really like living there, to be honest, because it had so much pollution, rude people, and unclean food. Not to mention, my Chinese was worst than a kindergarten’s (I couldn’t tell people what I wanted without pulling Google translate!). But I wanted to learn how to be a good “housewife.” How I could adapt to this Chinese culture I hated so much.

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