You can rise from failures, screw-ups, and falls. But you can never go back. You may not have signed up for a hero’s journey. But hurt happens. It happens to all of us. The second you fell down, get your butt kicked, suffered a disappointment, screwed up, or felt your heartbreak. It started. The only decision you get to make is what role you’ll play. Do you want to write the story or do you want to hand that power to someone else?

Why we avoid healing?

We avoid healing so much in our society because most cultures in our world are built around doing. And healing often doesn’t look like doing. It looks like being present; through the pain and the breakthroughs, through the growth of oneself, past our blocks and all belief systems, around how we thought we should be, how we thought the world should be, how we thought other people should be, how we thought they should have treated us, or the love that we thought we should have received. Everybody’s healing is going to be unique. One person’s way of healing is not another person’s way. You can’t always use another’s method. You will have to develop your way.

In what way does the community help you navigate your life narrative?

We use personal stories. In these nine years, personal stories shared within the community are 45,778 and counting. Giving the courage to speak up to the horror-stricken. Extending options to survivors. Benefiting the outcast. Shelter to the hushed, ignored, and oppressed.

An example of how personal stories help

I loved the article on depression. My ex-husband now deceased suffered from chronic depression for most of our 18-year marriage. He was under a doctor’s care but I never knew what the symptoms were. He was always sleeping, always. It became frustrating because we could never go anywhere or do anything. He would come out of it and bathe and groom himself but as I think about it now it was hard for him. My daughter, who is not a very loving or patient person said, “Charles always looks like he just got out of bed no matter when I see him.” I did not know at the time that this was a symptom of his depression and mental health. I was not very patient of loving either I guess and agreed with her.
— Jo Ann Harris

A story behind the community

I have a millionaire friend. I met her when she was living on a boat. A downsized life. She tells the story of how she built a million dollars business in six years. With fortune 500 on her clientele, everything was progressing except for the accumulated toll on her body.

One day she recalled stopping at a Starbucks to grab a quick coffee as she was driving to another meeting. One of many that day. Being asked four times to state her name and failed to recall.

She was handed the coffee in a cup with no name.

The realization of not remembering her name was hard. In tears, she sat down and recalled how she had spent the last six years bulldozing her body. It was soon after I met her through her writing for the be yourself publication.

I was in a similar situation living a life pushed to change following a terrible fallout I had with my father. I had mild successes as an entrepreneur. The success caused some of my childhood traumas to resurface. It did take me three and a half years to figure out what the hell was going on and five years to get to where I can at least recognize the unhealthy patterns and interrupt them before I make things worse.

I am an entrepreneur who has now set my life in such a way that I will continue to be surrounded by a community that will help me expand the healing options that I have.

Thursday, 17 December 2020 marks nine years since I started. I believe business plus a conscious awareness of my mental health makes for a balanced self.

To outsiders, we are a bunch of labels. In chronic pain, depression, stress, anger, confusion, and weak. But we are parents, sisters, brothers, lovers, engineers, marketers, psychologists, and more functioning in our dysfunction.

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