I prepared my bed and laid down blank, staring at the fan. What if it’s true? What if whatever she said just now, really happened? I asked myself as I saw the moonlight slinking into my room through the window. That’s where it all had started.

Earlier that day when I sat down to write my journal, my sister entered the room.

Hey what are you doing
Me: “Just writing my journal
” I just don’t understand what you keep doing in that stupid diary, none of us have this habit, I am sure you just don’t belong here
Me: ” Neither do you

She left the room after the conversation as she had just come to take her notebook. Oh, the conversation? I was quite familiar with it because who isn’t? Just a normal thing that every sibling does.

An hour later I went down for dinner

My mother had a severe headache from a few days and so a conversation started:

” My headache doesn’t seem to die out, it has become similar to the days, when Sofia’s delivery date was approaching “

Oh, did I not mention? Hello, I am Sofia, the youngest member of the family, by physical age, not the mental one.

” Yeah, and remember that lady? on the next bed in the hospital, she added to it, there was a constant family drama with her” my Dad replied.

Me: ” What, what, what happened? Tell me also, I have never heard this story before.

My mother smiled and said, ” Oh her family wanted her to give birth to a boy, so every-time a member came to visit her, he kept on praying ” I hope it’s a boy”


” Then nothing, she did give birth to a boy, but rumors spread in the hospital that the child had been replaced by another patient’s child by the members and she actually had given birth to a girl

My sister: “ I am quite sure I had a younger brother and she took him and gave me a sister like you

I gave an irritated look to my sister and climbed up the stairs to get back to my room.

In the middle of the action, it clicked me: how I didn’t seem to resemble any of my family members, in looks, in habits everything just seemed to join parts of a puzzle.

What if the story was true?

What if I was born to the lady and came here by getting replaced.

I got terrified. I rushed to the room and opened my laptop, typing ” is it necessary that a child should resemble her parents?

Google confused me more.

At that moment I really wanted to know what had happened.

I began to think about where is my real mom and how is she? (if the story is true) and how different would have things been for me if I was there.

I would not have to tolerate my current mom’s taunts or my Dad’s scoldings… it would have been more beautiful without my irritating sister.

Maybe they would also give me the new laptop I wanted, allowed me to buy that dress, let me attend that party, and so on…

Back to the present

As the night grew darker, I felt deep pain.

How painful it is for someone to realize that the people she lives with are not her real family?

My thought process was broken by the ring of my alarm, it was 5 o clock in the morning.

I had spent the whole night pondering and maybe spend many more nights to come..sleepless.

Get ready fast, I am not going to drop you if you miss the bus” I heard my mother.

I felt annoyed, why does she have to be this rude, my real mother would have been sweet. Oh, I already miss her.

Sitting on the bus, as it stopped on the next stand, I saw a mother feeding her son and her daughter was crying beside her..” poverty seems to take over the streets of the country” I thought to myself.

As the streets passed I saw more families, I had never observed them so closely before…

You realize how important something is for you when you have lost it

Just then all my grief and pain vanished in the air, I rejoiced

Wondering why?

I suddenly realized it, I thought “why was I wishing for a family that did not want a daughter?

A family that would not celebrate me?

A mother who could not stand up for my rights” I felt blessed to be where I was…

A family that didn’t discriminate against me based on my gender, a family who is happier than me on my birthday…

I don’t know if I do belong here or not and I don’t even wish to know now…I thanked God and merrily got down from my bus as it arrived at the school. I have never felt this grateful.

A girl child brings joy, she is no less than a boy — RVCJ media

Still, there are people who discriminate between a girl and a boy and question the abilities and capabilities of all the females.

There are some in some parts of the world who mourn the birth of a girl child.

These people need to realize that if they are limiting you, they are limiting themselves, their mindsets, and their growth. Please, it’s high time that we keep our sexist thoughts aside and move on from our limited mindset.