Everyone has a different story to tell when it comes to online dating.

Online dating never proved to be the best tool for me or the people I know.

The truth is you need the patience to find someone on such apps.

It requires a set of skills to create a profile, talk to a total stranger, what to talk about, first date, and everything.

It’s just like any other talent now.

I believe the importance of a human has deteriorated with the availability of more and more humans.

Especially online.

For instance, I wouldn’t care much about losing one potential date whom I just met online.

Because I know I will find another guy.

More options and choices have led us and others to more confusion.

In the end, we still don’t know what we are looking for.

As per an article by Ryan Anderson, online dating can make you picky and judgemental.

With the overflowing amount of options.

One might get overwhelmed.

Ghosting has become the most common problem with online dating.

Some think that it is an easy way out because they don’t have the guts to reject someone to their face.

Oh c’mon, one text is better than just disappearing.

When my friend was getting done with her post-graduation, she decided to look for someone to date.

And perhaps take things ahead if everything goes well.

She downloaded an online dating app suggested by a friend. Swiping left and right, she came across a few matches. From those, she started talking with this one cute looking guy.

Both mingled along well and took it over to Instagram.

She was in a state of euphoria while sharing how her love story began.

He lived in California, and my friend in Seattle.

While I was skeptical of their relationship due to the distance, she still had faith that he is the one.

The talks went on for over a month, everything seemed well until he finally started avoiding her.

He responded to her texts after hours.

She slowly understood that something is not right, and after a few days, they stopped talking.

He was the one to make the first move on how serious he was.

He told her that he would never stop talking to her without an explanation.

He would send her all those cute texts, which made me jealous too, haha!

I was startled when my friend told me what had happened.

Well, I wondered too.

What went wrong?

Was he pretending all this time with his sugar-coated talks?

Maybe he found someone else closer to him, or he was still clinging onto his past.

He was the broken one after all.

Some people should first settle their issues rather than looking for another person.

We sometimes tend to find the spark in the first meeting, when it can take some time to happen.

Online dating, in my opinion, isn’t the best idea ever.

I guess it seems more like a contract where we want to see all the good but not the flaws.

We don’t believe in second chances.

I think what is majorly going wrong is people not communicating in the right direction.

One person wants sex, while the other wants commitment.

Oh c’mon, dating apps are not for just “sex” or a casual “friendship”.

It stands for dating or involving in a serious relationship that can turn into a potential marriage.

Online dating culture has turned into more like a short term fling culture or ghosting culture.

I guess I have started to believe in people whom we randomly cross paths with than those we are desperately seeking.

Isha is a travel enthusiast and writer.