You might have gone to great lengths to physically do things that help you avoid painful thoughts and feelings associated with traumatic events.

However, avoidance is a problem for a lot of reasons.

One, it slows down and even prohibits recovery and healing after trauma is over.

Second, is until you address the avoidance and the pain associated with traumatic experiences, they tend to turn up again and again when you least expect them.

Third, removal from the true emotional experiences in your life tends to result in problems in other areas of your life; like relationship problems, living on autopilot, or substance abuse.

Instead of helping you move forward in your life, your attempts to avoid, although well-intentioned, keep you stuck.

Don’t you want to be aware of your body, your life, and your mind?

So in times of crisis, you can engage in actions that are based on your values rather than fleeting emotions or thoughts.

To attempt to hide, run away from, get rid of, or bury the trauma you have experienced?

Does it help?