Self as awareness is to become aware of your ongoing experience.

Step away from conceptualized self.

Often it uses roles as a big part of its definition. This sense of self is the one labeled “friend,” or “partner,” or “teacher.”

It will also use personality attributes to describe itself, things like kind, weak, smart, dumb, fearful, depressed, good, evil, and selfless.

In addition, it focuses on physical descriptors such as tall, fat, man, Asian American, young, old, pretty, and plain.

It’s okay to have it, as long as you recognize this self for what it is —just a set of labels that don’t have to necessarily be accurate or to define who and what you are.

Because if you are overly committed to all the ways that you are good, you will almost always be reminded at the same time as the ways in which you consider yourself to be bad.

If your willing self as awareness will give you the capacity to see alternatives.

And the ability to respond with psychological flexibility in any given situation.

Are you not tired of being identified by these characteristics, and stay stuck evaluating and disliking yourself?

I am.