Should you turn your hobby into a career? About five years back, I acted on the cliched advice: follow your passion to get out of the rut of 9–5 job. I spent a good time at the first step — finding my passion. I had many hobbies that could become my passion. And as you know, if I could turn that passion into a career, I would ‘never have to work a single day in my life’.

Should you turn your hobby into a career?


I appreciate those who stay committed to their passion even after realizing it’s not all rosy. They still make it work for them no matter how long it takes.

I’ve realized I am not one of those. Yes, I want to like the work I do but my work doesn’t have to be my passion. ‘Follow your passion’ took the joy out of the things I loved once. I can’t think of my life without any creative interests but I no longer want to bear the burden of earning my living from my hobbies.

These days, writing is the creative pursuit I enjoy. And I have no intention of making it my job. I’ll let it flourish as my hobby.

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