1. Life
“Others call me a mystique Marxist; I call myself a Marxist mystique.” To depict my father justly seems like an impossible task. Anyone who likes categorizing people into boxes is up for a challenge. He was strong and weak, humorous and harsh, trivial and profound, charismatic and hermetic, sensitive and callous, ideological and philosophical, enticing and grouchy, perfectionistic and complacent, always fighting for a greater cause and self-absorbed. He could also be […]
  1. Life
He lived most of his life for the people he loves and lived very little for himself. He tries to correct me often that he lived for himself through living for people he loves. Growing up, I saw the man I idolized wither himself away from the blood, sweat, and tears, a drop at a time, and I told myself I’m not going to become him — I’m going to be selfish.

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