Don’t be concerned about what needs to happen.

While each person is unique, the healing happens gradually, if you let it.

To try to make it better by reassuring yourself.

To try to escape through distracting yourself.

Does it help?

Why the Healing Happens Gradually

Don’t you want to be with your sadness, loss, or regret?

  1. To grieve for the cause of the painful emotion. To feel the feelings.
  2. To not cling, resist, avoid, or push away the feelings.
  3. To allow the feelings to build, change, and finally to dissolve, on their own.

Don’t you want to feel whatever comes up—and let it connect to its natural ending and heal?

I do.

“The goal of any treatment is total recovery – to come out better than you were before. Some patients heal quickly and feel immediate relief. For others, the healing happens gradually, and it’s not until months or even years later that you realize you don’t hurt anymore. So the challenge after any treatment is to be patient. But if you can make it through the first weeks and months, if you believe that healing is possible, then you can get your life back. But that’s a big if.” – Meredith Grey