He told me I was ugly. I wasn’t beautiful anymore to him

He said that he found a new girl with a blossomed chest and dark eyes.

And I said, “What really is ugly?” “Am I ugly?”

Was it ugly when I held you when you cried?

Was it ugly when I surprised you on Valentine’s Day?

Was it ugly when I wrote you letters to make you feel like the sun?

Was it ugly when I helped you through your panic attack?

Was that what made me ugly?

Beauty, yes can be what you see but it’s also in who you are — your inner being.

The face you fall in love with changes and ages.

And what remains is the soul and the heart, is that beautiful?

Is that what you fell in love with?

And if I didn’t appeal to his eyes, fine.

But I wasn’t ugly, it was his dream, his art.

And the only way he knew how to make himself feel complete was to destroy what he knew he would never experience again.

The feeling,

The vision of his

One and only soul mate.