A good writer uses simple and clear language.

She is not afraid to speak her mind.

When she writes, she is not trying to be a “writer.”

She is herself, and her readers follow her everywhere.

She is intentional about her decisions.

She knows that unoriginality is the enemy of good writing.

She understands the challenge is not writing but writing like everybody else.

She understands a crucial decision about a piece of writing is where to end it.

She often finds the story will tell her where it wants to stop.

She doesn’t whine; her readers don’t connect with whining.

When she wants to get rid of her anger, she does it somewhere else.

Her writing is full of love and forgiveness.

She tells her readers she is not a victim.

I come from a tribe of deceiving people. I have survived without resentment, and I’m living my life.

For her, writing is an act of healing.

The small stories that still stick in her memory have a resonance of their own, and she trusts them.

She remembers her biggest stories will often have less to do with their subject than with their significance — not what she did in a certain situation, but how that situation affected her and shaped the person she became.

She knows what matters is the writing itself, not the medium where it’s published. So she always tries to write as well as she could by her own standards.

She is reliable; she has learned editors will drop a writer they can’t count on.

Her writing is hers and nobody else’s.

She takes her talent as far as she can and guards it with her life.

Only she knows how far that is; no editor knows.

She believes in herself, takes risks, dares to be different, and pushes herself to excel.

As a good writer, you need to reliably.
  • Speak your mind while using simple and clear language.
  • Believe in yourself, and dare to be different.
  • Polish your work to a consistent authentic standard.
  • Write within a proven framework that achieves your goals and
  • Tweak your writing so that it works for authenticity without diluting your truth.

Exploring on your own is terrific. But it’s going to leave critical gaps in your understanding.

And after nine years of working on all those topics alongside 3,894 writers to publish 30,589 stories.

I’ve put together a focused course that will help you do all of those – to help you start to write with authenticity or to take where you were to a higher level.

Using empathy and authenticity to craft more powerful stories.

The course focus on one outcome.

To help you be authentic, and have the freedom to be yourself as you write

As it provides practical tools for finding courage and revealing your true voice. And some more cool-headed advice to keeping it together as you write. Using empathy and authenticity to help you craft more powerful stories.

There are a lot of writers out there – but there aren’t enough authentic, reliable, and well-qualified writers. This course will help you join those ranks.

The course is for you if:
  • You used to write, and you have stopped. And you’re ready to restart and never stop again.
  • You want to write, but you don’t know where to begin.
  • You want to write while standing out from the noise with your unique, authentic voice.
  • You’re writing, but you’ve lost touch with your authentic voice. And you’re ready to reconnect with your true self.
  • You know you’ve got a unique, beautiful voice inside of you, just waiting to come out.
The course will help you:
  • Become fearless and true to yourself as you tell your truth.
  • Produce more authentic writing and at a higher quality level.
  • Implement the core writing practices that every serious writer should know.
  • Polish your work to a high authentic standard – every time.
  • Deliver a solid strategic framework that delivers the right content at the right time.
Course tuition

When I first designed this course I thought $50 would offer excellent value for what you get in return for the course – then I decided as I usually do to offer it at a reduced price, at launch in the range of $45

Then as I was producing it, and getting feedback from 2,678 writers who have gone through it, I realized there were a few crucial pieces that weren’t in place in my original plan.

So, of course, I added them.

Specifically, I added three in-depth interviews with seasoned writers who have been writing for more than 27 years. To help you on how to polish your work, so you can avoid embarrassing mistakes that mark you as an amateur.

And I added five written interviews on vulnerability because I realized virtually every writing that is grounded in authenticity can’t avoid vulnerability.

Then I had to take a hard look at whether or not to raise the price. I had essentially doubled the amount of content – and frankly, I knew I will be able to market the added materials alone for the original cost of the course.

And I decide . . . for my first group of student, I’ll make it a crazy no-brainer. I priced the course at $40 – and I’m giving you an additional $5 discount for the first group that buys the course when it’s open.

That brings the cost down to $35 for the complete course – but for a limited time.

The cost will go up later, significantly.

But for now, what matters most to me is empowering more authentic writers – the folks who might go on to become the greatest change agent in our world which more often than not need a good dose of truth-telling, or who would be good candidates for more advanced strategic techniques I’ll be teaching later this year.

I have several advanced courses in the works right now. And all of them are going to rely on the solid foundation that this course can give you.

Quit trashing your writing voice with rookie mistakes

Take the next step as an authentic, courageous, and reliable writer.

If you want to get fearless and stay true to yourself as you tell your truth, this is the right place for you.

You’ll be able to put your knowledge to work every day as an authentic writer – managing to tell your truth even against greater odds, producing polished authentic writings, and creating high-quality work that meets strategic doable goals.

For a course that will solidify your authenticity as a writer, and get you creating better work, I think that the course at the eventual $50 tuition offers excellent value for the money.

But like I said . . . I’m going to do a little better than that for this launch.

You get all 21 lessons, plus bonus content, for $35. That’s lifetime access (for as long as I offer the course) and includes additions or improvements I might add in the future.

Rest assured this price will go up in the future! But I love to reward my audience for taking action in the early days.

Click here to pay $35 discounted from the $50 regular price to instantly receive your first lesson.

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