A short writing course for 21 days

$ 35.00

A short email course on good writing for 21 days.



As a good writer, you need to reliably. Speak your mind while using simple and clear language. Believe in yourself, and dare to be different. Polish your work to a consistent authentic standard. Write within a proven framework that achieves your goals and Tweak your writing so that it works for authenticity without diluting your truth. Exploring on your own is terrific. But it’s going to leave critical gaps in your understanding. And after nine years of working on all those topics alongside 3,894 writers to publish 30,589 stories. I’ve put together a focused course that will help you do all of those – to help you start to write with authenticity or to take where you were to a higher level. a higher level.    


The course focus on one outcome. To help you be authentic, and have the freedom to be yourself as you write As it provides practical tools for finding courage and revealing your true voice. And some more cool-headed advice to keeping it together as you write. Using empathy and authenticity to help you craft more powerful stories. There are a lot of writers out there – but there aren’t enough authentic, reliable, and well-qualified writers. This course will help you join those ranks.